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Jain Sidhant Bhawan: It has rich collection of books related to Jainism.


Bhojpuri films have a far and wide viewership. Several film personalities from this region have made rich contributions to cinema. Mr. Viswanth Shahabadi had made ‘GANGA MAIYA TOHEN PIYARI CHADHAIBO’ in 1960 which is still today widely acclaimed. Mr. Janardan Singh of Ara made ‘PIYA NIRMOHIA’ with Jai Tilak of Ara as Hero. Sri Ashok Chand Jain and Mr. Laxman Shahabadi have made the film ‘GANGA KINARE MORA GAON’ in which the latter’s songs had been appreciated a lot. Mr. Jai Mohan of Ara was the villain of this film. Similarly many more artist have worked in films from this region and have made Ara the Hollywood of Bhojpuri films.

Musical Tradition :

The musical tradition of the district has been rich since the past and is getting enriched in present times also. Mr. Laxman Shahabadi, Prof Ramnath Pathak and Sri Arvind Krishan of Ara have contributed towards Film songs and music. Ara resident Sarafat Ali has sung with Usha Mangeshkar and Dilraj Kauri for film ‘GANGA KAI GAON MAI’.

Literature :

Bhojpur has a rich literary lineage. Munshi Sadasukh Lal, Sayed Ishautullah, Lallu lal and Sadal Mishra ara famous for their work in ‘Khari Boli’. From Bhartendu era Akhoury Yashodanad was as famous as editor and Sri Shivnandan Sahay for biography writings. Sri Jainendra Kishor Jain was well known novelist and dramatist. In Dwivedi era Mahamahopadhyay Pundit Sakal Narayan Sharma and Pundit Ramdahin Mishra were famous for prose writing. Acharya Shivpujan Sahay , great story writer, novelist and essayist,was from this area. In Chayavadi era Sri Kedarnath Mishra Prabhat, Sri Ramdayal Pandey, Collector Singh Keshari, Sri Nandkisor Tiwari and Sri Ramnath Pathak Pranaye were well known for their poetic skills. The list of personalities contributing towards a lot in literary field from this region is long

Sports :

Bhojpur District is progressing very fast in the field of sports . The District Sports Associations are actively promote games and sports. They are creating sporting environment for a large variety of games with the vitality, interest & involvement of the local people . The leadership provided by some leading name in field of sports and games had raised the position of Bhojpur in the state level and national level.

There is a very beautiful stadium namely Veer Kunwar Sigh Stadium, at Ramna , Ara and an Indoor Stadium that has excellent Badmintan court and gymnasium.


Late Babu Jagjivan Ram:

He served the country in many capacities eminently including the post of deputy Prime Minister of India.

Late Sri Ram Subhag Singh:

Noted freedom fighter , who led the freedom movement to the common masses. He was sent to jail in 1943 where he was assaulted badly by the police

Late Sri Jagnnath Sahay:

Resident of Baghawa Gali of Ara was first person from this district who went to Japan in 1905 for technical education. He returned as Textile Engineer in 1908.

Late Sri Kashinath Jee:

This Ara resident had established at Phulwarisharif the first Cloth Mill in the entire state. This Mill was inaugurated in 1936 by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Late Kavi Kailash:

The great freedom fighter and martyr Kavi Kailash of Ghoradei village had successfully unflung Tiranga dogging at Ara collectorate on 28th sept.1942. He was later killed by Baluchi police near collectorate pond.

Late Sri V.P. Singh:

He was the first Chief Justice of Supreme court of India.

Late Sri Ambika Saran Singh:

He was a noted freedom fighter and later served as State Minister of Bihar.

Late Bindeshwari Dubey:

Former Chief Minister of Bihar had also served as central minister of India.

Late Sri Ram Subhag Singh:

Noted political leader who became Rail Minister of India.

Late Ramanad Tiwari:

He was Home Minister of Bihar.

Late A. P. Sharma:

Noted political leader who became Rail Minister of India.

Late Tapeshwar Singh:

He was the founder of Co-operative Movements in Bihar.

Late Padmashree Bharat Mishra:

He was noted scholar of Political Science and Literature.

Sri L.M. Rai:

Famous economist and writer of several books.

Sri Bashisth Narayan Singh:

Noted Mathematician and scholar of world fame.

Sri N. Pandey:

Retired Judge of Patna High Court and Lokaykat of Bihar

Sri Banshidhar Ray:

Former Deputy Chief Labor Commissioner ( Up Mukhya Shramaukat ) of India.